Certified is Better

When buying any gemstones, or jewellery with gemstones, it is always a good idea to ensure you have either a Gemmological Certificate or Valuation to authenticate them.  This ensures security of your purchase, and eliminates any uncertainty surrounding the transaction.


What are Gemmological Certificates?

A Gemmological Certificate is a document prepared by either a Gemmologist or Valuer stating the nature of a specific gemstone.  This can be used as legal tender for proving the authenticity of a gemstone.  It does not provide a monetary valuation.  Some Gemmological Certificates, such as those issued by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) contain a plethora of information such as clarity, exact dimensions, lab findings, such as Refractive Indices, Specific Gravity (Density), and sometimes even a map of the gemstone.  Diamond Certificates typically have this information and often contain a laser inscription code from somewhere on the gemstone (usually on the girdle).


What are Valuations?

A Valuation is a certificate, which can provide a value to a gemstone.  This is useful for insurance and other purposes.  A Valuation can sometimes act as a Gemmological Certificate, if the issuer is qualified in both fields.

Beaut Gems has a Gemmologist on staff and use highly regarded independent Gemmologists and Valuers, to certify all our gemstones.  Should you desire an up-to-date Certification, we can surely arrange for one.