3.00 carat Vietnam Pink Spinel

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A fantastic, bright stone - this Pink Spinel is sure to impress!

This stone measures 8.4mm x 7.8mm

Spinel is a variety of gemstone with a single shade of colour no matter which direction you turn the stone.  This makes particularly good colours even better choices for jewellery as the stone always stays bright showcases its colour at any angle.

Vietnam is a lesser known origin of Spinel, yet possesses some exceptionally high quality material.  It fetches quite a high price on the global market.

This stone is completely natural - no enhancement has been performed, and it was cut from the original mined gem rough.

Once purchased, we will dispatch the gemstone via Australia Post's Express Post service.  You will receive a message containing the tracking number once the gem has been sent.

Should the gemstone not meet your specifications, and you desire a refund, please contact us and make plans to send the gemstone back with a registered mail service; and we will fully refund the cost of the gemstone.

The gemstones displayed in these photos are as close to the actual gemstone as possible, given the limitations of electronic image processing.  Beaut Gems does not stock synthetic gems of any kind and makes every effort to ensure that all gems procured are of the highest quality.