Birthstones for October! 10% Discount!

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October, is a great month for many reasons. For one, you have the Oktoberfest in Germany, for others you have Birthstones. October is lucky to have two Birthstones: Tourmalines and Opals. What makes this so special? Well, you can have most of your bases covered with these two. Tourmalines can come in many varied colours and can also come in multi-colour variations. Opals usually exhibit extremely flashy varieties of colour, and the very best show all the colours of the rainbow.

Tourmalines come in many shapes and sizes, but the best cuts that suit the stone, are long ones, such as Cushions, Emeralds and Oval cuts. Green and Pink Tourmalines look great, but they are not the only colours in this kaleidoscopic family.

As mentioned earlier, you can get multi-coloured Tourmalines. One such variety is called the Watermelon Tourmaline - where the colours match a slice of watermelon. Pink fading to White, then to Green, makes this a truly unique variety of gemstone, and as such it is world renowned and highly sought after.

Australia has some fantastic Opal sources, from places such as Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge Quilpie, Winton and Yowah, but they are not the only sources of high quality Opal. Beaut Gems brings you Opals found in Ethiopia, and even some Mexican Fire Opals! Mexican Fire Opals are something truly special. They are essentially a whole Opal crystal, which makes for some truly fantastic displays when taken outside.

To reflect this, for the duration of October, all October Birthstones will receive a 10% discount for orders online. From Beaut Gems, we wish you a Happy Oktoberfest!

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