March Birthstone: Aquamarines!

Posted by Dan Hay on

All months have Birthstones, and March is no exception.  The Birthstone for March is the Aquamarine.  Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl, so named for its' Aqua Blue-Green colour.  Aquamarines can be found in several countries across the world with some of the best ones being found in Brazil.  Other locations where the stone can be found include: Afghanistan, Africa, China, Ukraine, and the USA.  They command a reasonable price on the market which has been rather constant over the years. 

The stone is reasonably hard, with a Moh's Hardness of 8, and is quite a clean material in most cases.  Due to its hardness, and general brightness, Aquamarine makes for a fantastic centrepiece in any jewellery including rings and pendants.  Aquamarine is sometimes Heat Treated to reduce the Green colour component and enhance the Blue colouration.  This fact is always disclosed prior to purchase.  Unlike Blue Maxixe Beryl, Aquamarine does not lose its' colour after being exposed to sunlight for extended periods. 

For the duration of March, Beaut Gems will be offering a 10% discount on all Aquamarines purchased online.

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